Bill Compton, I'm disappointed in you

I feel a bit betrayed by Bill. I know the problem I'm about to rant about was revealed the episode before last of True it's a bit late, but I admit that we here at Buffyfest are definitely slacking. We'll fix all that in the next 2 weeks as September has some super fun in store. Back on subject, this whole business of Sookie conveniently having a "sexual bond" with Eric now that she's sucked his blood is pissing me off. It rings like bad continuity at best, ugly betrayal at worst. Here's why: Sookie drank from Bill back in the beginning of season 1 and he/the writers never mentioned this little fact. So she's been hot for Vampire Bill for a year and he's basically slipped her a permanent vampire Roofie himself? REAL CLASSY! I'm sorry that's so deceiving, Sookie's feelings may not even be her own. And now you're jealous that Eric pulled the same con job? Please. Holy hypocrisy. I'll say it before and I'll say it again, the vampires on this show would be slayed by the Buffster without a second thought. Well, unless they looked like Angel. Or Spike. Or Dracula, for that matter...but you know what I mean.

Poor writing or Bill's a date rapist? You decide.

Meanwhile, I'm ashamed to admit, date-rape accidental metaphor and all, I'm still addicted to this show. This past Sunday's ep was fantasic. Jason Stackhouse has become the baddassiest dude in all of Bon Temps. Sookie's Jesus or something. Reluctantly staying tuned!

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