Top 10 Most Obsessive Whedonverse Tattoos

Ahh fanatics...what with their Fanfic, signed limited editions and Jayne hats. We're fanatics, obvs, but one thing that no one here on the Buffyfest staff has is a marking permanently etched into our skin that says "I am a Whedonite." A Whedonverse tribute tattoo (Buffy tattoo, Angel tat, Firefly, you know the drill.) They certainly are out there, though, and I'm surprised we haven't touched on this topic before. We definitely have loads of respect for our fellow fanatics...but that doesn't mean we can marvel at their decision to wear it proudly until the grave!

So we give you a list of the top 10 most OBSESSIVE Whedonverse Tattoos. Some are old internet favorites, but some I personally haven't seen before. Enjoy!

#10 - Coming in at number 10, you have your run of the mill Faith tribal tats, Signs of Vocah, Knights of Byzantium symbols, Marks of Eyghon etc. I'd place the Serenity symbol in this category too. They surely are fannish, but overall these are basic tribal looking tats and any fan could get them without giving away too much about their OBSESSION. Outsiders might just think they are cool symbols but of course, Whedonites would know better.

#9 - Quotes from the shows are a subtle, classy way of showing your OBSESSION to the world without too much fanfare. People will say "what's that from?" and you will simply explain. There are so many meaningful Whedonverse phrases, it shouldn't be too hard to find one that speaks to this type of tat is totally understandable.

#8 - OBSESSED with the Whedonverse, but can't decide which Whedon show is your favorite? Not a problem, the Mutant Enemy Grr Arrgh monster covers them all. The little guy makes a pretty cute tat, actually.
**UPDATE** Added May 2010, a VERY awesome Grr..Argh tat, indeed:

#7 - This is where things start getting interesting. Unless your name is Buffy (unlikely) or Angelus (even more unlikely) then I'd say you're pretty OBSESSED to get these logos on you like an advertisement.

#6 - Angel's own tattoo. It's cool and I can't see any reason not to get it put on your own body so you can walk around pretending you're Angel/Angelus himself. Especially if you're OBSESSED!

Now if you're doubly OBSESSED and love Angel's gryphon bird dude, you can just get 2!
#5 - The Angel Investigations symbol is worth mentioning if not only for the fact that they made fun of it on the show. Didn't Angel tease Cordy for designing what looked like a fricken "lobster"? The fact that you'd want to dig one of these shellfish looking guys with an electric needle on your body forever makes you truly OBSESSED.

Wait a this one being staked with an iceberg? A nail? What in the world is that thing? Oh my god, I just figured it's a RAILROAD SPIKE IN ANGEL'S HEART!! It's a "Spikehard anti-Angel" tattoo. Oh man, this person is totally OBSESSED!

#4 - Whedonverse accessories. This includes Buffy's Scythe, Serenity and any other piece of hardware or machinery from the verse. These are truly geeky tats and they'll need full explanation to the outside world so they can understand how truly OBSESSED you really are.
#3 - Spike & Angel tats. The vamp men take the number 3 spot because you have to be a true die hard to put one of these blood sucking fiends on you, especially if they're in vamp face! The reason these aren't placed higher is because they're so damn cool. I mean, you might be a die hard fan, but no one is going to make fun of you for having one of Buffy's boys in all their horrific glory. (special mention goes to Puppet Angel, though...surprised that one didn't take the top spot for OBSESSIVENESS!)

2. The second most OBSESSED Whedonverse tattoo owners are those that have gone all out for the full color portrait OBSESSIVENESS. Collages or even single portraits of actors/characters, doesn't really matter. If you went for the gusto, you're OBSESSED! Check out the gorgeous examples below.

#1 - And the number 1 most OBSESSIVE Whedonverse Tattoo owners are definitely:

......drumroll please....


Look, Spuffies are the super die-hards of the fandom as it is, I'm sure everyone can loving the Spuff so much that you've tattooed Spuffy on you takes the cake! But to tattoo any 'ship on your person for all of eternity is truly OBSESSED!!!!!!

Safe to say, these folks will not Spuff 'til they've spuffed enough!

Updated to add this super-fun video of James Marsters' reaction to "Psycho fans with tattoos of Spike (aka himself)":

Update #2, now with even more OBSESSED Whedonverse tattoos, sent in by their owners.

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