THE CHAMPIONSHIP of September Silliness: The Buffy Episode Tournament

This is it! We've come to the final of finals for our little tourney du Buffy. There's just one last choice to make and, oh boy, is it a doozy. Two of what are quite possibly the finest hours in the history of television lay before you. But before we get there, let's look at the tale of the tape, shall we?

"Becoming Part 2" defied all the odds and finally silenced "Hush" just barely.
"Once More, With Feeling" easily staked vampy Willow's super sequel "Doppelgangland".

It's a big decision and we here at Buffyfest know it. That's why we're giving you until Wednesday at 11:59 pm EST to chew it over. Then, at long last, we'll finally find out who the prettiest girl at the ball really is.

If you still need a refresher, click here for the full list of episodes and their descriptions.

East vs. West
Location: Right here at Buffyfest Central

Happy Voting!
If your curious to see the entire bracket listing the entire tourney history, click here to enlarge:

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