End of Round 3! September Silliness - The Buffy Episode Tourney


Finding out which Buffy episode is the fan favorite has definitely been interesting so far. We've already knocked out a whopping 120 episodes and after this next round we'll have the top 16 eps, as voted by you. The last round was crazy and most matches were extremely close. Let's recap:

"Restless" beat "Selfless" 157 to 84
"Consequences" took "Hell's Bells" out of the running 138 to 105
"Becoming Part 2" beat "The Wish" 143 to 107
"The Gift" beat "Who Are You?" but the latter scored 73 votes! I thought that was a lot!
"Hush" beat "Amends" 202 to 44
"This Year's Girl" beat "Crush" by a mere 5 votes! A fandom divided!
"Innocence" beat "The Prom" 170 to 76
"Graduation Day pt 2" beat my beloved "Halloween" 147 to 102

So Round 3 B below will have 8 matches. Voting for this part ends Sunday at 11:59 pm EST, at which point The Sweet 16 will begin.

If you need a refresher, click here for the full list of episodes and their descriptions.

Region 3: Scotland
Location: Base at the Citadel

Region 3: England
Location: The Watcher's Council

If your curious to see the entire bracket so far (and what's up next), click here to enlarge:

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