Finishing off Round 2 of September Silliness - The Buffy Episode Tourney


We're well on our way now to finding out which Buffy episode is the fan favorite. We've already knocked out 96 episodes and after this next round we'll have the top 32 eps, as voted by you. The last round had some toughies, let's recap:

"Restless" beat out "I Only Have Eyes For You" 161 to 135
"Selfless" beat "Normal Again" in a heated, fandom divided debate! 155 to 133
"Hell's Bells" beat "I Was Made To Love You" 196 to 77
"Consequences" took "Phases" out of the running 175 to 96
"The Wish" killed "Bargaining pt 1" 228 to 43
"Becoming Part 2" really killed "As You Were" 263 to 20
"The Gift" beat "Ted" but ole' Ted still managed 25 votes! Aww, RIP John Ritter (and Patrick Swayze sang to the tune of "And Farrah".)
"Who Are You?" beat "Storyteller" 201 to 78
"Amends" barely beat "The Zeppo" 123 to 133 in yet another fandom divided argument! Crazy.
"Hush" sicked the Lunch Lady on "Earshot" 225 to 58
"Crush" crushed "Blood Ties" (couldn't help it that time) 169 to 94
"This Year's Girl" beat "A New Man" 151 to 140 bringing both eps in that two-parter to the top 32!
"Innocence" beat "Bad Girls" 211 to 77
"The Prom" managed to slightly edge out the series finale "Chosen" 154 to 148
"Halloween" beat "Buffy vs. Dracula" 208 to 63
and finally
"Graduation Day pt 2" beat "The Yoko Factor" 242 to 43

So Round 2b below will have 16 matches. Voting for this part ends Wednesday at 11:59 pm EST, at which point Round 3 will begin.

Again, if you need a refresher, click here for the full list of episodes and their descriptions.

Region 3: Scotland
Location: Base at the Citadel

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