September Silliness - The Buffy Episode Tournament (Round 1b)


All month long, we'll be trying to determine which Buffy episode is the fan favorite. We started with 128 randomly paired episodes fighting for the title. In the first round, there were already some tough choices. Here's a rundown of the results:

"Restless" is advancing, beating "Seeing Red" - 114 to 95
"I Only Have Eyes For You" is advancing, beating "Villains" - 122 to 95
"Selfless" beat "Never Leave Me" - 135 to 43
"Normal Again" is advancing (I'm surprised) beating "No Place Like Home" - 149 to 58
"Hell's Bells" beat "The Witch" - 137 to 73
"I Was Made to Love You" beat "Go Fish" but not as much as one would think - 135 to 79
"Phases" is advancing beating "Tough Love"- 122 to 87
"Consequences" beat "Empty Places" - 154 to 51
"Bargaining Part 1" beat "Out of My Mind" -142 to 71
"The Wish" beat the ass of "The Weight of the World" - 176 to 36
"Becoming Part 2" beat The Dark Age" with the largest margin - 201 to 20
"As You Were" beat "Teacher's Pet" - 128 to 106
"Ted" narrowly edged out "Bring on the Night" - 120 to 113
"The Gift" took out "Fear, Itself" - 175 to 44
"Storyteller" beat Xander-in-a-bra "Reptile Boy" - 169 to 56
and finally
"Who Are You?" beat "Dirty Girls" - 168 to 49

Just like the last round, Round 1b below has 16 matches. Voting for this part ends Tuesday at 11:59 pm EST at which point Round 1c will begin.

If you need a refresher, click here for the full list of episodes and their descriptions. Happy voting!

Region 2: LA
Location: Hemery High School

If your curious to see the entire bracket of Round 1, click here to enlarge:

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