September Silliness - The Buffy Episode Tournament (End of Round 1)

We're at the last part of Round 1. If you're just tuning in now, we're trying to determine which Buffy episode is the fan favorite and things are going to get harder from here on out. We started with 128 randomly paired episodes fighting for the title and after this batch we'll be down to the top 64.

Apparently someone out there thought it would be a good idea if I, the Great Bits-ini, were the one to unveil the winners of the previous round. Oh, you poor deluded fools. Now if the hour of your pun-filled discontent but, praise be to the Buffy gods, because here's the results!

"Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered" cast a spell on everyone (ya get it?) beating out "Choices" (aka "the episode where the Mayor eats a big box o' spiders") 147 to 120 votes.
"Becoming Part 1" easily beat "Life Serial" with 190 to 76 votes.
"School Hard" sent "Conversations With Dead People" home, sweet home, beating it 140 to 125 votes.
Spike wearing a Xander shirt in "Doomed" is apparently all it took to barely inch out against "Two to Go" 136 to 129 votes.
"Helpless" was anything but as it easily took away "Potential's", well, potential with 211 to 55 votes.
"Gingerbread" won the battle of the blands against "Him" and it's combo of 50's music with 70's video montage with 176 to 91 votes.
"The Replacement" proves that two Xanders really are better than one (except for Michelle and I who hate him) making "Get it Done" totally done out of this competition with 187 to 79 votes.
"Prophecy Girl" doesn't wanna die, Giles, so it's a good thing it killed the crap out of "Entropy" 165 to 100 votes.
"Wild at Heart" pulled out a shocking upset victory against "What's My Line Part 1" at the eleventh hour with 139 to 125 votes. Sorry, Kendra and your wacky pants.
"Pangs" I am so grateful you defeated "Smashed" 158 to 108 votes. That's all I'll say.
"Once More With Feeling" made "Lover's Walk" it's bitch with 243 to 27 votes but at least "Lover's Walk" is episode enough to admit it.
"End of Days" sealed it with a kiss, taking out "Intervention" with 161 to 102 votes.
"Fool for Love" showed those Watchers what was up by destroying "Checkpoint" with 209 to 58 votes.
"What's My Line Part 2" showed that two Slayers are better than Xander with a puppet by slaying "The Puppet Show" with 215 to 53 votes.
"Grave" saved my personal world by beating "Doublemeat Palace" in all it's heinousness, with a yellow crayon 238 to 30 votes.
"The Body" proves that dead moms = great television by wiping the floor with my favorite Buffy episode of all time, "Passion" 191 to 78 votes.

There were a lot of really tight races this round and I'm excited to see what everyone will make of round 1d which represents the final leg of round 1.

OK, Round 1d below has 16 matches. Voting for this part ends Saturday at 11:59 pm EST at which point the final part of Round 2 will begin.

If you need a refresher, click here for the full list of episodes and their descriptions. Happy voting!

Region 3: England
Location: The Watcher's Council

If your curious to see the entire bracket of Round 1, click here to enlarge:

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