September Silliness Buffy Episode Tournament: The Sweet Sixteen


There are just 16 episodes left in this Buffy episode tournament and I'm not going to candy-coat it, this next part is really hard. Some crazy eps are pinned against one another...anything can happen. My prediction has always been "OM,WF" taking the entire tourney but now I'm not so sure. Before we get into it, let's recap what happened last round:

"Becoming Pt 1." beat "School Hard"
"Prophecy Girl" beat "Helpless", by just a little
"Once More, With Feeling" kind of killed the fabulous "Pangs"
"The Body" beat "Fool for Love"
"Doppelgangland" beat "Enemies"
"Surprise" beat "New Moon Rising"
"Band Candy" beat "Faith, Hope & Trick"
and finally
"Tabula Rasa" took out the series premiere "Welcome to the Hellmouth"

A few fun stats about The Sweet Sixteen. Of the remaining episodes:
Season 3 is in the lead with 31.25%
Seasons 4 & 2 are both tied at 18.75% of the eps left
Seasons 5 & 6 both have 12.5% of the eps left
Season 1 has just 1 episode left (Prophecy Girl) so that makes 6.25%
Season 7 has 0 episodes remaining in this tourney. Season7fail

The Sweet Sixteen has 8 matches and voting for this part ends Tuesday at 11:59 pm EST, at which point the Elite Eight will begin.

If you need a refresher, click here for the full list of episodes and their descriptions.

Region 3: Scotland
Location: Base at the Citadel

Region 3: England
Location: The Watcher's Council

If your curious to see the entire bracket so far (and what's up next), click here to enlarge:

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