Top 8 Happy Moments (Sorta) in the Whedonverse

Last week, inspired by an SFX article, Buffyfest came up with our own list of the Whedonverse's Greatest Tearjerkers which you can find here. We've decided to balance out the sadness with some of the happy, albeit fleeting, moments throughout the years. Trust me, it's much harder than you'd think and I'm not sure anyone will leave this post feeling happy. Sorry.

"I Will Remember You"

Buffy and Angel in bed and laughing with ice cream. It's a rare moment when you see either of these two so happy and relaxed, so when they're doing it together, it must be a really happy moment. Of course, we all know how that ultimately ends.

Dr. Horrible

Captain Hammer just might sleep with the same girl twice! But, then she dies.

"Sleep Tight"

The beginning and I mean only the beginning of that episode. Angel is all "Daddy's here" when Connor is fussing. He's so happy and then...and then...damn you Wes.

"Bad Eggs"

Buffy's grounded at the end of that episode, but she's all smiles as she secretly smooches with Angel through her bedroom window. Uh, that episode ends well I guess, but then..oh, never mind.

"All the Way"

There's really nothing funny about Season Six at all, but Anya's excitement about her engagement to Xander is one of the happy moments. Of course, she eventually gets left at the alter and then sliced in half a year later, so...yeah, okay, moving on.


Giles is about to get back with the woman he loves and he's about to (one would assume) get some, so he's all smiles as he enters his house to find the lights dim, rose petals strewn on the floor and...oh, dammit.

"Seeing Red"

Willow and Tara get back together and they're happy and Dawn's happy for them, but as I mentioned above, Season Six will suck the happy out of anyone, so by the end of the episode Willow's all, "Tara? Come on baby. Get up." I hate you Powers that Be (meaning Joss)!

"Graduation Day Part II"

The end when the gang is sitting outside the school and Oz tells them to take a moment. They graduated/survived. That's a happy one, right? It doesn't matter that Buffy's beau just skipped town leaving her with a bite mark scar and a bunch of other internal scars that will last till the end of the show and that Cordy ends up with visions that nearly kill her, but not before an evil god takes over her body and Willow goes evil and Oz skips town and Xander dumps his bride. Oh well, I tried.

And Honorable Mention goes to...


Even though there's nothing truly happy in this episode, attention must be given to the fact that Angel was REALLY happy by the last scene, enough to make his soul go bye-bye.

Screencaps courtesy of Screencap-Paradise

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