David Boreanaz Cheating Scandal!

Look, it's a little known fact that behind the scenes of Buffyfest that I'm the one that tends to frequent the  the tabloids. A little Perez from time to time is my guilty pleasure. It seems, though, that I missed on all the major goss sites this juicy bit of controversy: David Boreanaz allegedly cheated on his Playmate wife of 8 years, Jaime Bergman, throughout her recent pregnancy with a miss Rachel Uchitel. Classy! She apparently broke it off after he failed to leave Jaime just after the birth of their new daughter! She, ironically, found it in poor taste that he called her during the baby's delivery when, you know, he was supposed to be leaving her and all. Double class! To quote Harmony "Ugh! Just Ugh! That's....Ugh!" Well put, Harm.

In the mean time, this story has sparked such creative headlines as:

"David Boreanaz gives 'Bones' a whole new meaning"

"Rachel Uchitel: Boning Bones Star David Boreanaz!"

and, of course "David Boreanaz is no angel."

Then again this info comes from Star magazine and their apparent "anonymous source" (gee I wonder who that might be, Classy Miss Rachel.) They are not exactly known for their achievement in professional journalism. I can't say that I would be all that surprised, though. It was a widely reported rumor back in the day that Boreano cheated on his then wife, Ingrid Quinn, as soon as he hit the big time with an upcoming starlet named Sarah Michelle Gellar. Who knows if that was true or not (that probably came from the reputable "Star" as well), but I think there's a small part of the hellmouth in all of us that thinks the real life Bangel is too fun a thing to resist.

Michelle will be waking to this devastating news just hours from now. We all know Boreano is her go to subject matter. Ah Boreano, if this is true, you're really in the doghouse now. Next time, try to keep it in your pants, dear. We don't like showing so much love on this site to douche bags, you hear? To quote bits, k thx bai.

I'll let you read the rest of the gory deets at the below linkage, so as to not totally soil the front page entirely:


**UPDATE** Sorry to say, the rumors are true. Source:


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