"What if" with Scott Allie, Redux

"What if...it was Cordy, would Xander still have left her at the alter?"

It's a toughie, the stuff fandom 'shipping debates are made of. We honestly didn't know how Super Scott Allie would react to such blasphemy, but he did it on the spot and with poise. You can listen to his answer in full, below:

click play

Here's an exerpt:

"Wow. I do...like my gut reaction is like yeah, he definitely would have because if anything, the Cordelia relationship was more dysfunctional. But at the same time, and I'm sure this is gonna put me in hot water, I think, if anything, Xander did love Cordy more genuinely than he loved Anya...but Cordy abused Xander way more. Anya and him didn't really work, but I do think Xander loved Cordy more, but I still think he would've bailed - unless things had gone radically differently. But if say Cordy hadn't left for LA, she stayed in Sunnydale, they continued to date for another couple of years and then they were going to get married: I very much could see him leaving her at the alter.

Poor Xander.  He's just a mess. He can't function."

-Scott Allie

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