fanvid sunday: all dollhouse all the time

I still don't think much of Dollhouse but I heard a rumor that, like, everyone else on earth thinks it is the knees of bees so I present to you a little from column A and a little from column B. First the misery:

Yes, it's a Topher/Bennett vid and it's exactly as upbeat as you imagine. On the other hand there's this:

which is just a hilarious video of the sexy Dollhouse menfolk doing their turn on the catwalk.

And that's all. Dollhouse is over (finally). Eliza turned in a good performance in the end. Then again, even a broken clock is right twice a day... oh, snap! Happy Sunday, all.

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That Was a Damn Fine Hour of Television

I'm not going to review it, as some of my fellow Buffyfesters may have not seen it yet (well we know that one surely didn't)...but as far as series finales go, in my opinion it simply doesn't get too much better than that. I'd go so far as to say, even with the fear of hate mail, that "Epitaph Two" was a more satisfying ending than the one given to the *other* Joss Whedon female driven series we all know and love.


Goodnight, Dollhouse.

Minorly Spoilerish P.S. In a post-apocalyptic future, where TF did Echo get the seriously kick-ass wardrobe? Is that a Veda leather jacket?

Edited to add: Ratings are in...not that we have to worry about that anymore.

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Dollhouse: a Buffyfest Retrospective

Tonight marks the series end of Dollhouse, Joss and Eliza's pet project dreamed up in the loo after consuming some Gouda Pizza at a Hollywood hot spot. Sure we made fun of it in the worst of times (singing, bad outfits, and let's not forget those embarrassing Dushku/Glau Fox intro ads), but the show turned out to be the typical Joss Whedon gem. A compelling, unique journey in a sea of blah on network television...and these things take time before maturing like a fine wine (see: Buffy, Angel, Firefly-to-Serenity, etc.) Before the series finale airs tonight at 9 pm on Fox, let's take a look back on Dollhouse:

The Dollhouse Death Watch: the "skeptics" and the "realists" took one to the jaw when Michelle's team prevailed in this game we played in season 1 (even though she ultimately was the one to drop the show altogether!) I'm glad Bitsy and I were proven wrong, though. For this we can be grateful that amidst poor ratings, the show defied all odds and got a season 2.

And Dollhouse provided us here at Buffyfest some great joy too, whether it was seeing Joss and Eliza at the Apple Store in Soho promoting the project, interviewing the lovely Miracle Laurie, and let's not forget waaaay back in February of 2009: our live coverage of the packed to capacity panel and screening event at New York Comic Con. Good times.

Shockingly, I only just watched the unaired pilot recently, and it made me full of regret. It really does set up the fantastic show we'd ultimely get after the network no longer cared to set parameters. If you haven't seen it, you should really check it out. In fact, instead of proclaiming Dollhouse the Fail it once was, I'd go so far as to say I'd recommend it to anyone. Sure I'd skip a few my suggested order of things would be as follows:

Season 1
Unaired Pilot
"Man on the Street"
"Spy in the House of Love"
"Briar Rose"
Epitaph One

Season 2
and everything after that....

Or you can just hunker down and get through the whole thing so you don't miss a single Topher moment! Now that certain reveals have happened, I'll surely be watching this fantastic series again from the beginning. I'll just check my email during Stage Fright.

Ah well. Another Whedon show bites the ass of Fox. Here's hoping the rumors are true and Whedon's next project is on cable. Next!

Michelle Trachtenberg in Complex Mag

Click here for the cover story and more pics of little Dawnie looking hot.

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Awesome Rock Ballads About Whedonverse Chicks

WTF? I love these so much!

Wow, this guy really loves Smidgie!

"You're the best at what you do, the best I've ever seen"? Could you be more specific?

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