Joss Whedon and Scott Allie Interviewed at MTV (SPOILERS)

As we'd reported previously, MTV conducted an interview with both Scott Allie And Joss Whedon today regarding the ongoing saga of Twilight-gate. Here's a run down of what was said:

From Joss:

Brad Meltzer is the master at taking what's before you and peeling it back to show what's beneath," Whedon told MTV News of the big reveal and the role it will play in Meltzer's run, which kicks off next month with the penultimate arc before Whedon himself takes the writing reins to close out "Season Eight."

In this case, that applies to characters, assumptions, motivations, mythos, masks, and most spectacularly, clothes," added Whedon. "Season Eight officially goes into high gear in Brad's extraordinary arc. Try to keep up.
Scott reiterated much of what had already been said before, including the fact that the Dark Horse books will synch up with IDW's. Scott said specifically:

"The 'Angel' series at IDW picks up at end of 'Angel' television series, but 'Buffy: Season Eight' started up a significant amount of time after the television series ended."
I'm not sure if this is the first mention of the timelines for the two stories or not but I find it both interesting and relieving that there will be room for both stories in the canon since so many people care about that.

In addition, Dark horse revealed an additional image to give fans a little insight into just how complicated things are going to get once the Twilight reveal is all said and done with. For now, we're simply linking to the MTV article here so those of you who are trying to prevent any additional spoilers can keep that hope alive.

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