Fanvid Sunday: The Twilight Takeover Edition (Spoilers)

That's right, today will be a very special edition because I'm taking over Fanvid Sunday! Why you ask? Mostly I want to steal Bitsy's thunder. Just kidding (not really.)

Warning: Major Spoilers for Buffy S.8 and the Twilight Reveal below:

The actual reason I've jacked Fanvid Sunday is because ever since Twilightgate (tm) rocked this fandom, we've been wondering if a fanvid exists using the shocking subject matter of Twilight's now known true spoiler-ish identity. Bits hasn't been able to find any in the 'verse for a month I secretly approached friends of Buffyfest and Lady Gaga fanvid creators - Juniper and Justin - to make a custom one just for Buffyfest! Oh yeah! I know, I know, some might say this will be the best Fanvid Sunday ever. Some might just be right.

Love it! Now we're not usually in the business of making vids. Aside from Bitsy's Vlogs and the occasional massive international hit single, we stay away from such fare. So we needed an expert to collabo with. Thanks so much guys! Check out Juniper and Justin's fabulous Gaga inspired film shorts at

And like Bitsy says: Happy Sunday everybody!

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