We Have a Winner of The March Madness Whedonverse Character Tourney - The Worst of the Lot!

But what has he won, really? Well, pretty much the hatred, disgust and frustration of many. The rolling eyes and frowns when he graces our screens. The urge to write Joss Whedon some good ole' fandom hate mail. That's right, by a slim margin of only 5 votes against Warren, "The Worst of the Lot" is:

Connor (no real last name)!
(also known as Connor Angel, Steven Franklin Thomas Holtz, Connor Reilly and The Destroyer)

As a child of two dead people, Angel and Darla (also no last names), Connor's birth is an impossible one, despite being prophesied, and concerns much of the show's third season. From his parents he has inherited many vampire-like powers and abilities. After the infant's painful estrangement from his father, he returns toward the end of the third season as an emotionally inexperienced and mentally unstable teenager who has grown up in a hell dimension and harbors resentment toward Angel.

Later, he had sex with Angel's love interest at that time, Cordelia Chase, whose body, unbeknownst to Connor, was actually being inhabited by the morally ambiguous fallen goddess Jasmine. This results in a mystical pregnancy birthing Jasmine herself, but not after a little kidnapping and murder of an innocent virgin to make it happen! By the end of Season 4 he was a faithful servant of Jasmine but finally had to kill her as well, which sends Connor down a twisted path of mass murder/suicide by bomb. In the end, Angel had to make a deal with the evil Wolfram & Hart to save Connor by killing him and raping the minds of everyone in the series, as he felt he had no other choice. Yay! (Read more about Connor, not that you'd want to from these results, here)

Connor is played by Vincent Kartheiser, who is currently playing another douche on the series Mad Men along with fellow Whedonverse alum Christina Hendricks.

Click here to see how the entire month of hatred went down!

Thanks so much to everyone who played this year's March Madness! We'll have another tourney in the fall for September Silliness, it's tradition now.

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