Anyone but Joss: Blame in the Whedonverse

There's been a lot of talk lately about Buffy Season 8's missteps and who's to blame. There's also been a lot of feminist talk linked to this season as well. That's why I thought this article was so interesting. Feminste talks about the rights and wrongs of Buffy and why it seems women are always to blame. Their main focus is on Season 6 and Marti Noxon's virtual stoning by fans as Joss Whedon walks away clean and unscathed. Also, it touches on Smidge's choice to leave after seven seasons and the fan outcry at her decision, not Joss Whedon.

While the article makes some sense, I'd argue that the current state of the Buffyverse comics is a perfect example of the blame landing just as squarely on the men (Scott Allie, Bill Willingham and Brad Meltzer, just to name a few). It seems that the real issue here isn't that blame is put more heavily on the females in the Whedonverse, but that blame doesn't seem to ever land on Joss's shoulders.

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