Joss WhedonWorld

While watching a commercial for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park a few months back, we wondered what our own fandom theme park would be like? What if there was a magical Orlandoian place named Joss WhedonWorld? Could you ride a coaster straight down the mouth of Hell there? Could you dance the night away at The Bronze? We asked our twitter followers for suggestions as to what other attractions could exist there and we received an immediate influx of ideas from across the twitterverse. Now that the Harry Potter Theme Park finally opened to much fanfare over the weekend, we felt it was time to unleash our map to the Joss WhedonWorld park on to the world. After all, why should those Potterheads get all the fun?

So without further ado, Buffyfest's and the people's proposal for Joss WhedonWorld:

Click to enlarge:

If you were involved in that Twitter conversation, look for your name next to your suggested attraction and thanks for participating! Now, if we only had a bajillion dollars to make it happen...

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