When Characters Collide: Temperance Brennan and Richard Castle

I was just skimming over the Emmy's and caught this moment where Emily Deschanel and Nathan Fillion presented an award together.  It got me thinking, what would happen if their characters appeared together?  Who would guest on whose show?  What would the plot be?

Here's my pitch: When a college freshman at Marist finds the skeletal remains of a student who disappeared the year before on moving in day, Bones and Booth are called into investigate.  When the same exact thing happens at NYU a few days later, there can be little question that there is a serial killer at work.  Enter Rick Castle, mystery writer and serial killer expert, to help solve the case, go toe to toe with a certain FBI agent who likes funny socks, and woo a lady or two at the Smithsonian in the process.

That's my lame idea.  What's yours?

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