March Madness - The Hairpocalypse Round 1b

The first part of round one went off without a hitch. It also went off without a hatchet. A hatchet. Please to be enjoying my Buffy Jones Soda in jokes. Let's recap what's happened so far.

- Oz's skull of many hues made minced meat apocalyptic pie out of the gang from Dollhouse's Epitaph episodes.

- Buffy's Bad Ass Bangs banged Duskhu's less-erotic-than-it-was-intended-to-be dominatrix ponytail thingie.

- Buffy's cute Season 6 Bob only just barely escaped the Burning Bed that is Anya's Farrah hair.

- William he Bloody Awful Poet and his bloody awful hair trounced Connor's even awfuller Tro-Clon mess.

But we can't stop there. Oh, no. So much... memorable... hair still to go. This time it's a trip to Jayne's Bunk where, somehow, everybody (and their luscious locks) manage to squeeze in. Who will win? Your arbitrary mood swings (in America we call them "votes") decide!

Vote below for the Whedonverse hair style that is so bad-ass (or just plain bad) that it would bring forth the apocalypse. This part of round 1 ends Thursday, 3/10 at 11:59 PM EST. Be there or be a hexadecimal! Or something!

Round 1 - Region 2. Location "Jayne's Bunk"

Click below to see the enlarged bracket for the entire Hairpocalpse Tourney:

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