1000 Posts

I know, people prolly think, "What's 1000 posts to these people? It's nothing, it's 1000. Big whoop, 1000 is a blink. Whatever, no big deal."

Meanwhile, what we're feeling is, 100 posts: "Man, we really love the Buffyverse, imagine we could...?" 200 posts: "What if others could connect with...?" 300 posts:  "Dr. Horrible-what? Joss is silly." 400 posts: "Do you think the creators would agree to an interview?" 500 posts: "When Buffy was still on the air, Did Joss finish it the way he wanted to?"

600 posts: "Should we go to Comic Con this year?"

700 posts: "Is Brian Lynch going to keep writing for Spike?"

800 posts: : "Why do we care about this? Oh yeah, because Scott Allie announced something amazing today."

900 posts, "Wow, this blog has become a part of our family. It's the family dog."

1000 posts....

1000 posts. Yes, that's where we are today. We started this blog because we needed a homebase. We already had a community...we already had the party. But how can you keep the party going without a venue? We just needed a place to break bread, it's as simple as that. It could've been a Livejournal page, if I knew what that was at the time. Or a locked private forum. But what it ended up being was a weblog. A blog chronicling a few crazy days in the lives of a few crazy people.

This is what it is....and we call it Buffyfest. Thanks so much for stopping by. Why not hang out for a spell? :)

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