Megan Fox moves from plastic to natural

Actress Megan Fox might not descend into the abyss of plastic surgery excesses after all.

In the past, she apparently got so much work done that she began to look like a plastic doll. But in the past year she has eased off. In recent appearances, she:

* Looks more normal and less over-injected.
* Displays a faded version of her Marilyn Monroe tattoo. Apparently she has started seeing a specialist in laser tattoo removal.

In the past, “she looked harsh with her dark retro waves and engorged, pursed lips. Something just looked so plastic about her,” Hollywood Life comments.

Now it calls her “softer and plastic-free.”

Calling her “plastic-free” is going too far. Fox has had a nose job, frequent lip-plumping injections and, according to some plastic surgeons, also has breast implants. But she is moving toward a more natural look.
At the same time, she has begun to remove at least one of her many tattoos.

Laser tattoo removal is a gradual process that can be painful as well as slow. Recent photos of Fox show that she is part of the way to eliminating the Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her right arm. It is still visible, but it is starting to fade.

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