Before going further with this article, it's worth mentioning that together with Adrian Lima, Jessica Alba is one of our favorites and whatever happens we're not going to poke fun at them at all. Because no matter how ugly the car they drive is, no matter how old or how new it is and now matter what color it has, both of them look gorgeous every time they jump behind the wheel and smile in front of the camera.
Now, we're pretty sure that Jessica Alba has chosen the Audi Q7 just because it's big. OK, stop, we're not making fun of her, it's actually a good thing to drive a big vehicle, it's safer and boast a very spacious interior that's almost a God's gift on longer journeys.

On the other hand, we're also sure that she has no idea that what she's driving is actually a TDI. Yeah, making the difference between diesel and gasoline is pretty hard when you have so much money but still... Going the gasoline way is the right way to do it, not only because it really makes you feel like you're driving a car and not a tractor but also because this is what Americans do. You know, Americans... diesels... something do not match here.

On the other hand, Jessica is one of the few American celebrities that drive an Audi, as most of them picked more environmentally-friendly rides like Lexus hybrids, more masculine approaches like Range Rovers or totally aggressive cars such as G Wagons.

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