Is Megan Fox Wasting Away to Nothing?

Megan Fox reportedly has the waist of an eight-year-old boy, and lately, she seems to be disappearing into thin air. Some people say Fox follows a very strict 1,000 calorie-a-day diet, but if she's eating right, it's not a problem. However, most people are saying she looks gaunt and unwholesome, and you just have to look at her, and question the wisdom of her diet.

Fox reportedly quit "Transformers" because last year director Michael Bay told her she looked unhealthy and needed to put on weight. She got mad and quit the film after they both had a huge fight, and Megan Fox stormed out of production.
Is Megan Fox looking slim, or is the look she's going for just not healthy? It's not only concern for her health, but also filmmakers are not looking for skeletons to play lovely leading ladies. There is something to say for having some flesh on your bones.

Do you think the director was wrong in asking Fox to gain a few pounds as weight is so personal? Some actors and actresses are asked to lose weight or gain weight for a particular part. Perhaps, Megan Fox has problems beyond just wanting to have a tiny waist like her eight-year-old son: she may have a real health problem.

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