Megan Fox – Full Armani Ad

We recently revealed the teaser clip for Megan Fox’s Armani ad, and the Huffington Post has now revealed the whole ad in all its… umm… glory?

I remember when I first saw Megan in Transformers. Like just about every other red-blooded guy out there, I thought she was hot. I don’t know exactly what happened between then and now, but I’m thinking Armani might have made a mistake.

In addition to promoting their jeans and underwear, Megan is also the Face of Armani. She still has the sexy allure that I remember from before. Seeing those photos and then watching this video makes me realize how truly incredible Photoshop really is. Maybe it’s just a matter of Armani forgetting to send me the memo saying they were lowering their standards because a super-thin girl with enough literature on her to be mistaken for a book (or at least a fast food menu) doesn’t exactly scream ‘fashion’ to me.
The black-and-white filming is always a quick and easy way to give a classic look, the billowing veil still bugs me, and watching Fox’s super-thin frame doesn’t inspire me to buy pants. It inspires me to take her to Mickey D’s and buy her a burger… or two.

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